Montana Sleep Diagnostics Services, Inc

Montana Sleep Diagnostic Services, Inc., a sister company of the Rocky Mountain Sleep Disorders Center, Inc. was organized in 1999 and the first to bring sleep medicine to rural Montana communities in an ambulatory fashion. Today, we’re still providing rural Montana with comprehensive sleep testing, in partnership with hospitals and healthcare providers. If you are interested in obtaining our sleep medicine services through a joint or independent effort to enhance the services you provide to your patients, we’d be glad to visit with you.

Our Medical Director is David E. Anderson, MD who is board certified in sleep medicine and has been a critical care pulmonologist for nearly 30 years. Other physicians participating in this program are listed on the “Home Page” under “Meet Our Staff”. As our program continues to grow, we will list future interpreting physicians to our top-notch professional staff. Experience is everything, so find out what we can do for your organization today!

Assisting Dr. Anderson is Dr. Timothy Roux who is also board certified in sleep medicine.

Sites Operating under Mt Sleep Diagnostics Services:


Liberty County Hospital

Chester, MT

For Scheduling in Chester please contact us

at 406-453-7570 or toll free at 866-715-7570

Barrett Memorial Hospital


90 Hwy 91 South
Dillon MT 59725

Web site:


Dillon bedroom