Now Available - PAP-NAP

The Rocky Mountain Sleep Disorder Center now offers a daytime PAP therapy desensitization procedure we call the PAP-NAP.

This procedure can be used to help patients who may be having problems using their current prescribed treatment at home or to aide patients with desensitization prior to returning for additional testing for a diagnosed Sleep Breathing Disorder.   The test consists of two parts.   The first part consists of one-on-one care by our Sleep technologist to help fit the patient with a mask the they will be comfortable with.   The technologist will also work with the patient to try to determine what specific problems they may have with using the therapy and then attempt to offer help or advise to overcome the difficulties.   Once the patient is fit with a mask of their choice they will be given a chance to trial Cpap and BiLevel therapy while either sitting or laying down.  During this time if the patient does fall asleep we will allow for a nap period, but sleep is not required.  

This procedure does require a physicians order.   The procedure will last 3-4 hours.

For any further questions or to determine if a PAP-NAP may be beneficial to you please call us at 406-453-7570.

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