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New Location - Wheatland Memorial Hospital

We have currently expanded our services for Sleep Testing to Wheatland Memorial Hospital in Harlowton Montana.

 To Schedule an apointment for Diagnostic Sleep Testing or for Titration Studies for previously diagnosed patient please call:   406-632-3144 and ask for Gia.  

 In order to provide obtain a sleep test will need to be referred by your current Physician who can order the sleep testing.  

Now Available - PAP-NAP

The Rocky Mountain Sleep Disorder Center now offers a daytime PAP therapy desensitization procedure we call the PAP-NAP.

Dillon Hospital Location

Our facility in the Barrett Memorial Hospital has improved.   The new hospital in Dillon has been completed and our center has been moved to the new location.  

This move will allow us to expand our services to be able to include daytime testing for MSLT and MWT's.     For questions of information on these services please contact Gene in our office at 406-453-7570.  

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